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Should Asylum Seekers Be Allowed Into Australia?

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There are thousands of asylum seekers each year, who come across the borders to start a new life in our beautiful country. The asylum seeker debate is a sensitive topic and much there has been much discussion lately over whether these people seeking a new life should be allowed into Australia. Ultimately, there are arguments both for and against allowing asylum seekers into our country. People who believe that Asylum seekers should be allowed into Australia feel that it is good for these foreigners to come into a new country and start a new life, and they feel that it is morally the right thing to do. On the flip side, people who think they shouldn’t be allowed into Australia feel this way ...view middle of the document...

It is in the Australian spirit that if someone needs help, we help them, so maybe we should be helping these people by letting them come to live in our country.

Linking paragraph: Just as there are many people who support the idea of allowing Asylum seekers to come live in Australia, there are just as many who do not. Such people alternatively believe that they shouldn’t be allowed into Australia and they believe this due to the fact that it is costing the country a lot of money and we don’t know what these people are bringing into our country as there are no details/birth certificates.
It is a strong argument that bringing asylum seekers to Australia is great but it costs money, money that we don’t have. The total cost of detention related services and asylum seeker management will soon increase to a whopping $2.97 billion according to, and allowing more asylum seekers into the country will cost even more than that. While it may be great for these asylum seekers to start a new life in this magnificent country, it will cost the country an incredible amount of money, money that Australia simply does not have.

Many people believe that these Asylum seekers coming into Australia bring much risk for little reward; as these people don’t have birth certificates so it is unknown whether these people could be bringing over diseases, or even be terrorists. The ramifications that a new disease could have on a clean and hygienic country like Australia, could be massive. Depending on the type of disease, it could make many people severely sick, or even kill them. And this would be preventable, by simly not allowing these people into our country. Likewise, one of these asylum seekers could be a terrorist. We do not know anything about them or their past, so they could be coming over for the wrong reasons. Like a disease, the ramifications a terrorist...

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