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Should Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Should Athletes Be Paid
At some colleges their athletes are a key source of income for the university. This would lead one to believe that the athletes who produce money should get a portion of that money in return. Despite the fact that paying college athletes is banned some of them still get paid anyway. The overall good to be gained from paying the college athletes could be that they would want to stay in school longer and develop an education rather than going to the pros prematurely. One would think that knowing all of this the athletes should at least get paid a small amount of the money they bring to the school.
There are countless examples of athletes getting paid despite it being banned. This occurrence can not only hurt the player but it can also hurt the school. A very famous example of this is the case with NBA star and former University of Southern California (USC) guard O.J Mayo. Mayo received many benefits while playing basketball at Southern California. Some of these benefits include lots of money, new clothing, and also a flat screen television. When finding out about all this Coach Tim Floyd denied breaking any rules and later resigned from coaching at the school. His attorney Jim Darnell also said on behalf of Floyd “We don’t believe that Coach Floyd did anything improper with regard to O.J Mayo.” As a result of this event USC basketball received heavy sanctions. These sanctions include a ban on postseason competition at the end of the following season, a reduction of multiple scholarships and the NCAA vacating all of the Trojans’ wins from the 2007-2008 season, the season that Mayo played for them. Furthermore the reputation of the player and school were both damaged because of this small incident.
Some of the issues the can arise with the athletes not getting paid is that they will leave school earlier than they should because they want to get paid immediately. There are many examples where this can affect the player negatively in the long run. A good illustration of this is Javaris Crittenton. Crittenton was a very highly touted player going into college. Crittenton decided to take his skills to play at the University of Georgia Tech. He spent one year there before deciding he wanted to play in the NBA. At this point in time Crittenton was merely nineteen years old. On January 25, 2010 Crittenton and his Washington Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas were involved in a locker room confrontation involving guns. They were both suspended for the rest of the season and Crittenton was then released by the team because of this mistake while he was twenty-two, the same age that if he would have stayed in school it would have been his senior year. Since he left early, at twenty-two Javaris Crittenton doesn’t have an education or a job. This costly decision of choosing to leave school and try to cash in a few years too early can wind up costing someone big...

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