Should Athletes Take Performance Enhancing Drugs?

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Press ReleaseThe issue of the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in sport has been increasingly prevalent in the media of late. With the increase in methods of testing and the increase in availability of some of these drugs, there have been more and more high performing athletes becoming talked about in the media for the wrong reasons.Since the beginning of sport, it is a fact that athletes have constantly tried to get an edge ahead of their opponents in anyway possible. Whether this meant teaming up with a more experienced coach, substances they thought were beneficial for recovery and performance or simply just training harder and smarter or in an alternative manner, sportsmen and women sought to achieve that extra 1% of performance which could mean the difference between winning and losing.Therefore, it would almost be expected that with the rise of research into the composition and anatomy of the human body, there would be findings of significance, regarding the processes, which take place during and after exercise. This research has then progressed to scientist being able to develop synthetic drugs as supplements to increase the amount of a given substance in the body.After many years for athletes experimenting with amphetamines, Dr. John Zeiglar created the first specific performance enhancing drug for athletes in 1958. This drug is known as anabolic steroids and was developed to have the same strength and power building properties as testosterone without the negative side effects.Since then, new technology has been developed and extremely effective drugs and chemicals have been made such as, Erythropoietin (EPO), Anabolic Steroids, Peptides, Creatine, Human Growth Hormones and simply protein supplements. These drugs have been proven to drastically improve the performance of athletes. Some are used to improve performance directly such as EPO and the drugs, which have been developed for more explosive, powerful sports, focus on improving the recovery of muscles after training.These drugs are extremely effective, making them considerably enticing for athletes in many sports. Some athletes may be struggling to make a team or struggling in a performance plateau and needing a boost for motivation and confidence. Although the use of these substances in strictly prohibited in most sports, sportsmen and women are sometimes willing to risk the severe consequences to have time in the spotlight and glory of succeeding.The increase of professionalism in sport has also seen an increase in the 'do at all costs' attitudes of sportspeople, as their performance can either result in financial difficulties or can make them millions of dollars. This unneeded pressure is why sportspeople are sometimes feeling the need to 'cheat' to get popular, be noticed or make history.Famous sportspeople have been proven to have succumbed to this pressure, such as athletes from sports such as cycling, baseball, AFL, weightlifting,...

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