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Should Athletes Make More Money Essay

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Are athletes making too much money? People watch college football religiously every fall and into the spring. Cheering on their team no matter where they are, or what country they may be in. Yelling at the television, screaming at the top of their lungs when their team gets a touchdown, or a penalty. Then college football winds down and we divert our attention to professional football. Have you ever looked at how much money a professional football player makes? Payton Manning makes $42.4 million a year; Tom Brady makes $27.1 million a year, but why? Why have we as Americans made sports more important than our military fighting to keep our freedom, or our police and firemen saving our lives ...view middle of the document...

I think anyone can talk about sports regardless of whether they know what they are talking about or not, sports are what America is about, but so is a career and making something of yourself. College athletes are young, they still have a couple of years ahead of them to either go pro, or get a degree. College athletes do not need to be making money, and personally I believe that professionals should not be making that much money either. Take away a couple million from all of them and give it to the military, or give them special benefits or tickets to sporting event for free, some kind of benefit for doing a job most people wouldn’t.
Why worry about if athletes are making too much money? Their salary has nothing to do with us. But, if you were to sit back and actually study how much they make versus how much everyone else does it is surreal. Even if you took some of their salary, and gave it to other professionals, or even put it toward the debt of the nation, things would change drastically. College athletes are too worried about making it to the next level that these lose the love of the sport that they had growing up. An example where college athletes become greedy could be AJ Green. AJ Green was a star wide receiver from the University of Georgia. Greed got the best of him and he was punished by the NCAA which cost him playing in four conference games. All of this happened because Green sold his jersey after a bowl game.
If athletes want to make money so bad, why can’t they wait until they graduate from college and get a real career, or wait until off season and get a part time job. Some college athletes believe that they should be paid while they are in college. A tight end from Alabama said, “Me personally, yes I do. You have people coming in whose financial situations are not good at all…you’ve done everything you can to get this opportunity, and to come here and you still struggle.” (“BCS player round,” 2013). As we know, just by watching the television, a lot of people have research whether athletes should be paid more money. This topic is one that people can fight about, ruin friendships with or create new ones because they both agree. However, in the USA Today there was an article with the title of “BCS Player Round Table: Should athletes be paid?” The title speaks for itself, but in the article multiple athletes speak up and give their opinions. As long as I can remember, people have been arguing about this topic, yet...

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