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Should Australia Governments Appoligized To Aboriginal People For 'stolen Geration'? Why

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The Australian Prime Minister apologized to the Aboriginal population for Stolen Generations on 13 February (Lewis 2008). Stolen Generation, roughly, can be defined as the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families and homes (Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Fact Sheets 2003). Some people resolutely oppose apology. They believe that since Stolen Generation is not the directly responsible, apology is not necessary (Kanck 2000). However, we argue that Stolen Generation was cultural fenocide, violotion of basic rights damage of health and it affects from past to present day. The goverment absolutely should appologize for the damage they have done. The purpose of this essay is to argue whether the current Australian Government should officially apologize to the Aboriginal people for the past wrongs.For one thing, the Stolen Generation was associated with violation Aboriginal rights. The Aboriginal children, who should have been taken good care and enjoyed the love from their families. Instead they were separated from the places they belong and were moved to foster families and institutions. When the non-Aboriginal children were playing and enjoying their childhoods. Instead, separated children were subjected to work. Furthermore, the Government responded to complaints and resistance of separation either by coercion, force or ignore. The Government refused to return their children, although these children were not orphaned and their parents wanted them, as well (Wilson 1997). Obviously, Aboriginal rights failed to be respected during separation when all of these rights have been enjoyed by all other Australians.As a result of separation practice, health problem have been created. It is particular true; children suffered ill-treatment from non-Aboriginal strangers and sexually assaulted, abused were also frequent during the separation. It is damage for their health that faced with physiological and physical abuse. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission’s recent research has shown that “the practices of removing Aboriginal children from their families and communities had directly affected one in ten Aboriginal Australians. The Royal Commission Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in custody found that some 50 percent of those who died in custody had been separated as children.”(Wilson 1997)“What is the one common thing that affects everybody that has been through removal?”“I suppose...

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