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The issue of whether or not children with autistic disorders should be main-streamed, or placed in the same classrooms as non-autistic children, has been a very real concern for quite some time. While the debate is continuous, people often choose to side on a particular position of the argument without correctly evaluating all of the options. Should autistic children be main-streamed in regular classrooms, or should they be placed in self contained environments? Or, possibly, should a common ground be determined?
Autistic children have been analyzed for correct mainstreaming involves a gradual and supported procedure with encouragement and supervision years, and with the proper supervision and education aids, have been found to succeed in regular education classes. Because of the opportunity to develop social interaction skills, as well as the need to stay on the right educational pace, mainstreaming autistic children into regular learning environments with the use of special aids is the best option.
Done correctly, mainstreaming does not mean simply placing the child into a classroom of regular students and expecting him to succeed on his own. Instead, it takes extra help to integrate autistic children into a mainstreamed environment because the others in the classroom are more socially motivated, whereas the child is more instinctively and structurally motivated (Siegel 226). With the help and constant support of special aids within the classroom, a child with autistic disorders has a better chance of succeeding because they are around children who will encourage proper behavior and social skills.
Development of social skills is very important for children that are diagnosed with autism because of there natural lack of communication skills. Because the central nervous system of people with autism is unable to process the bulk of the sensory stimulation and input that it receives, it is often very hard for autistic children to cope with everyday situations without a substantial amount of personal guidance and teaching (Davis 3). The purpose of social mainstreaming is so that children are better able to observe and learn how other children react and behave correctly in social situations. Autistic children often learn through imitation, or learning how to “copy” the behavior of someone else. Studies have shown that a structured routine is very helpful because it supports the need to be constantly aware of what everyone else is doing and begin doing it as well. If there is too much unpredictable change, most autistic children have the tendency to become more withdrawn socially. The most obvious reasoning for this is because they must work harder to imitate the behavior of the others around them. One helpful way to help children cope with change or transition is through the use of verbal or physical representations of the process of change (Davis 57). This not only demolishes the excuse for autistic children to remain...

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