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Should Big Scorers Score Big Bucks

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Athletics are a large part of many people’s lives weather it’s playing, watching, or coaching. Many athletes have the skill, dedication, and love for their respective sports to compete at the collegiate level. The big question now a day is should they get paid for playing their sports? The answer to this question is no, because they are there first and foremost to get an education and by paying these student athletes they could become content with the funds that are being provided and not work as hard to earn their degree.
Becoming a student athlete at a college or university means exactly that a student first then an athlete. Being a student athlete is not always the easiest, with ...view middle of the document...

However, all this attention is corrupting the athlete’s minds and making them think that they should get paid for what they are doing. They start losing site on what they went to college for, which is to get an education. In addition, the money that would pay these athletes would have to come from the universities general fund (Brill). This would not be fair to the students working just to make ends meet to afford to be able to go to the school. If the universities were to pay athletes the larger universities would be able to buy all the athletes they wanted leaving the smaller universities with fewer athletes. This could also limit the amount of sports at schools and thus would limit the students that would want to participate in various sports. Not all the athletic programs make a profit either so they could not be paid from the respective programs.
Being able to attend college in and of it is a privilege and getting to play sports collegiately is even more of a privilege. College is all about opportunities and having that opportunity to be a college athlete is not only a privilege and a great opportunity but could prove to be very valuable in life as well. One of the main points to why the NCAA does not allow athletes to be paid is to keep their amateur status and reputation. By paying these athletes they receive the title of “professional” which clearly they are not because they are in school to become a professional in career they decide to follow. The “you didn’t...

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