Should Birth Control Be Taught In Public Schools?

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Should Birth Control Be Taught in Schools?
Condoms aren’t completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus. (Rubin)
We can joke about birth control, but do people really know how to use it? Teen births are a growing concern throughout America and there are endless statistics to back that up, but are schools doing all that they can to teach teens on precautions of certain things like offering a more indepth class for those who would want to learn more, or even the methods of birth control, or the flip side to this, the reasons why people do not want this taught in public schools.
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Sex Ed is a very important course to teach because it is a topic that students would take with them out into the world.
Long-term studies are not showing the significant decreases in unintended pregnancies that we expected with easy access to EC -- yet. We know it is safe and most effective at preventing ovulation. What we don't know is whether users really understand how it works and how to use it appropriately. User error is always a factor in the birth control failure that accounts for over 50 percent of the early abortion rate. So, realistically, we need to avoid counting on a magic bullet and approach reproductive responsibility from all angles. With recent headlines citing a 90 percent premarital sex rate, we should welcome all efforts to prevent unintended pregnancy and promote sexual health. (Rashti) With technology increasing and getting more and more advanced so has the world of birth control. Condoms, pills, and other contraceptives have all evolved and became more reliable over time. With new contraceptive techniques such as Implanon, or NuvaRing, ParaGard, the Pill, Depo-Provera, just to name a few. With all of them claiming to have over a 95% effectiveness but there are some stipulations in achieving that 95% or above effectiveness rate, little things such as for example, if your taking the pill you should never skip a day but always try to take it around the same time everyday. NuvaRing is a small flexible ring that “when used as directed” produces a 98% effective rate but it has to be removed every 3 weeks then waited a week and then insert a new one. Contraceptive methods should be talked about in sex education to aware mainly the females, because they have more options to choose from right now than males, but still talked about as a group so the males can learn about them as well. Likewise for the male method, condoms, in front of the females so both parties get involved knowledge is power as especially when dealing with the possibility of becoming pregnant. Nationwide, the sex ed movement has been hurt by the growing recognition that, despite its early promise, sex education has failed to stem the tide of teen pregnancies, which now number more than 1.1 million a year - a 20 percent increase in 15 years. Now, even the most ardent supporters concede that was never realistic, that education - without parents, churches and community - can't work. Instead, they say, schools must set more realistic goals - to provide information, not change behavior. (Goldberg) Maybe teaching some...

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