Should Blood Doping Be Illegal Or Legal In Sports?

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Each year an athlete's creativity comes into play to create ways to become the best in his/her competitive sports; especially when one have to use a lot of endurance and energy to win. In order to be the best you have to put in the work. Some athletes do it the hard way, such as eating healthy, exercising and training. Others use the easy way out, engaging with steroids, enhancements, and blood doping to get ahead of the competition. Many professional athletes have taken to the practice of blood doping in order to gain a competitive edge in their field. But there are those who are crying that doing so can have serious consequences not only to the sports world, but to one’s body as well. ...view middle of the document...

It increases the chance of an athlete having a competitive edge and winning the competition. Also help the down time recovery better known as the rest period.
Blood doping is the procedure of increasing the amount of red blood cells in the body there is more oxygen taken into the lungs and also muscles increasing an athlete’s aerobic capacity and endurance. The typical adult male's hematocrit, the percentage of his blood that is composed of red blood cells, approximately is around 45and for a woman’s is 40. There are three types of way to do blood doping. You can use your own blood or you can use someone else’s blood, or even use a hormone called EPO that can make your body produce more red blood cells. The different types of transfusion can be dangerous because of the risk of infection and the potential toxicity of improperly stored blood. If using your own blood normally the athlete takes out 2 pints of their blood weeks before the competition.
Some of the problems that can arise from an autologous blood transfusion are phlebitis, septicemia, hyper viscosity syndrome (including intravascular clotting, heart failure and potential death), bacterial infections, and air/clot embolisms. Even more frightening is the list of diseases that can be contracted through homologous transfusions. They include hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, CMV, and transfusion reactions (characterized by fever, itchiness, redness of skin and possibly anaphylactic shock). Because of these reactions, among others, homologous blood transfusions are highly discouraged. Injecting blood doping chemicals can cause kidney damage, jaundice (the skin, eyes and body fluids turn yellow) and blood clots. Re-injecting blood from an athlete's own body can cause blood infections and heart problems. Since the heart is not use to the thick red blood cells, it may cause the heart problems; the human heart was not designed to pump this thickened blood throughout the body. Can get the donor’s disease what can carry through blood, such as HIV/ AIDS and other blood related diseases. You can also get shock if you are using your own blood. You can also get shock if you are using your own blood. For example, during the early evening of February 14, 2004 Marco Pantani was found dead at a hotel in Rimini, Italy. An autopsy revealed he had a cerebral edema and heart failure from blood doping. Also Cyclist Jesus Monzano says he nearly died after being injected with poorly stored blood and an extraordinarily high level of RBCs in the blood can tax athletes' hearts.
Homologous doping is the injection of fresh blood, removed from a second person, straight into the athlete. When you use someone’s blood you are at risk of getting whatever disease they have, such as HIV/AIDS or other blood related diseases. Additionally, your blood might reject the donor’s blood; you have to make sure that the blood type is the same as yours. In an autologous transfusion, an athlete is left with decreased energy since they’ve...

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