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Should Body Piercing Be Banned? Essay

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Piercing is a practice of body modification that allows an individual to cut or puncture a body part in order to wear a ring, stud or any other kind of jewelry. This may be done for many reasons, which vary from person to person. Some do it for fun, some like the way it looks, others, mostly masochists, just like the pain. It serves as a source of self-satisfaction for them. A survey showed that between the ages of 18 to 50, 24% of the individuals have got piercings. The Northwestern University conducted a research and found out that out of all the people who get their body parts pierced, 76% are women. Also, it is to be noted that ear lobe piercing is the most common and popular form. 34% ...view middle of the document...

The skin punctures is usually done under unhygienic conditions without taking any proper certified cautious measures. Needles or machines are not sterilized using distilled water and carry a lot of germs that can the affect our body in a very negative manner. But health is not a significant concern for people who’re ready to go through such pain just to get them self “tattooed”. Not only this, allergic reactions can be triggered as a result of using cheap, low quality jewelry. In order to avoid or minimize this, only metals made from Titanium or Niobium should be used. Also, even if a person decided to get rid of them, the removal doesn’t necessary mean full recovery. Piercings leave behind excess tissue scars, marks or holes in the body parts.
Because of the little reasoning and huge drawback, piercing in many countries has not been permitted until an individual reaches a certain “legal” age. Also, this in some nations requires the consent of the parents who mutually agree upon getting this done. In fact, many states in the US require the physical presence of the parents in order to move forward with the process. Should these prohibitions be increased? Adding more and more limitations will obviously make the process more time consuming and restrictive for the consumers. This will generally decrease the number of people engaging in such an activity. Also the state can reduce the amount of side effects by giving official licenses to certified piercing stores and body jewelry shops. They can keep a regular check on the shops to make sure they meet the minimum set safety and...

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