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Should Campaign Spending Be Limited? Essay

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Should Campaign Spending Be Limited?The same day I was given the handout on the exploratory essay I happened to walk by a poster telling people to boycott Coke. At first, I thought it was just some naturalist upset that people would spend millions of dollars on drink that is bad for them. But, after closer inspection, I found the reason for the boycott was because Coke was a major sponsor of Bush's 2000 campaign, therefore supporting the war in Iraq. My first thought was how stupid it was to try to boycott Coke. I mean come on, Coke is the number one selling soft drink in several countries and there's no way you could get enough people to stop drinking it to actually effect their sales. Days went by and still I had not picked a topic. Once again I saw the poster asking people not to buy or drink Coke, but this time I took the time to read the whole thing. Reading the poster for a second time did not change my view on boycotting Coke, but it did bring the vast amounts of money spent on campaigns to my attention, and this became my topic subject.After doing some research, I decided to write about the limiting of campaign spending. As my research continued, I found a web site stating that in the 2000 presidential election Bush and Gore spent a combined total of three hundred and seventeen million dollars in the primaries alone! If you think about it, presidential candidates are spending more money to become president than they'll make being the president. Plus, the amount spent goes up each election. This year Bush is expected to spend two hundred million on the primaries ( My first thought when reading these facts was that there are so many better things to spend that money on than trying to become president, but this money is coming from people that want to give it, not from raising taxes or taking money from people. So limiting campaign spending seemed senseless. If there's people that want to spend their money trying to get a candidate in office, let 'em. I personally wouldn't, but I can't find anything wrong with it.Believing that I found the answer to my question, I figured that the question I had posed was not problematic and there for I needed a new topic. But, before I started looking, I happened to find a reference book that talked about the Federal Election Campaign Act. This program was created in 1976 to keep the amount of money spent on elections below a set limit. The way the program works is, if a person donates to a presidential candidate, the federal government will match that person's donation, up to two hundred and fifty dollars, to a maximum of nineteen million dollars. But, to receive this money the candidate must not spend more than forty five million dollars on the primary election. The program is paid for by taxpayer's choosing to give a part of their taxes, to the fund. This does not raise the person's taxes, yet very few taxpayers choose to donate.After reading this I wondered how Bush could spend...

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