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Should Canadian Government Have The Right To Withhold Or Suspend The Rights Of Canadian Citizens In Times Of Crisis?

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Should Canadian government have the right to withhold or suspend the rights of Canadian citizens in times of crisis?Looking back at the past that Canada strived through, there were many problems that she faced to be an independent and democratic country it is today. Times of major wars troubled internal-external affairs, sovereignty issues and national security regarding international organizations were all a part of a big crisis that put forward a challenge for its regime. At times such as the world wars, Quebec revolution and Civilian Internments, situations have arisen whereby the government would have found that it would be in best interest of the country if rights of certain citizens were restricted to maintain peace and security. Meanwhile in the eyes of others it would have been treatment of inequality as well as violation of human rights. With respect to necessity of development and independence that the country deprived of back then, it was important that the government did everything possible to ensure the good of Canada, even if it included the violation of civilian rights for a certain period of time.Events such as the FLQ (the nations liberation front) crisis clarify the need of the government having to provoke such actions. The FLQ aimed particularly at the complete destruction by sabotage of colonial institution practising discrimination against the Quebeckers and to establish Quebec as a distinct society. Despite the political negotiations and efforts made on this issue by Jean Lesage and Pierre Trudeau (premiers of Quebec) the FLQ used extreme violence and terrorism as a solution to their dilemma. As a result of this there were many bombings within Quebec, bank robberies, destruction of large companies and factories as well a large number of civilians at the face of death. All these endeavours left the government with not many options but to put forward the wars measures act that gave the government sweeping powers during times of national emergency. If the government was not allowed to intervene with the suspension of such civilian rights using the war measures act then Canada may have gone through a major nation dispute with could have caused the country to collapse in several ways.All times of crisis differ from each other and are dealt differently depending on the scenario. During the world war two at Canada and Japans declaration of war, arose a fear near the coast of British Columbia that the Japanese Canadians who had been living there might pose threat towards the national security of the country. This was suspected, as it was a belief of others that citizens within Canada may provide...

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