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Should Capital Punishment Stay Illegal In Canada?

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The criminal justice system of the United States is innately flawed; since 1900 there have been twenty three documented cases of innocent people being executed (Baskey-East, 2014, January). For this reason it should remain illegal in Canada. The sentence does not deter crime, and in some situations it only exacerbates the offense it was supposed to deter (Spring, T. n.d). Furthermore in order to keep an inmate imprisoned on death row, it costs on average ninety thousand dollars more than keeping an inmate imprisoned for a life sentence in the United States (Baskey-East, 2014, January).
Capital punishment much is more expensive than life imprisonment. For example, California State has ...view middle of the document...

This is proven by the fact that the twelve states in the US that do not use capital punishment have lower crime rates then the thirty eight states that do. The statistic is startling “Since 200, the rate has been on average forty percent lower in the states that do not use capital punishment.” (CBC news 2009) it is a clear indication that the threat of death is not a deterrent for serious crime. The data is just as clear for when Canada used the death sentence; in 1975, just one year before capital punishment was abolished, the murder rate was at a staggering three per one hundred thousand people. The very next year, it dropped down to one point eight five murder per one hundred thousand people (Baskey-East, 2014, January). It is not clear as to why the rates are so exorbitantly different, but the data speaks for itself.
Society is not ready for such an extreme form of punishment, which relies on the absolute certainty of the accused's culpability, which as a whole cannot be guaranteed. There is too much internal bias, prejudice and simply human or technological error and ignorance within the system that is currently in place; therefore, there will always be some margin of error that will lead to unlawful and unjust deaths. For capital punishment to be truly just, the system must be completely changed; our technology must be foolproof, our witnesses must be reliable, and guilt must be undoubtedly certain. However, if the criteria were met capital punishment could a valid form of punishment. But the system currently...

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