Should Celebrities Have Their Right To Privacy?

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Should celebrities have their right to privacy? Before newspapers, television, and the internet, ordinary people were not exposed to endless stories about celebrities. Today however, we are bombarded with information about who is dating whom, where they eat, and what they wear from magazines such as People, Entertainment Weekly, and Star. Also, most ordinary people respect the rights of others to a private life. However, some people are just obsessed to get information out of celebrities. They want to know everything about them and have a desire for more information. Celebrities should have their right to privacy due to historical/practical rights, their invasion of privacy with paparazzi, and their childrens’ rights to privacy. They are ordinary people just with a famous role in life.
Historical/practical rights are one of the biggest issues and it all started back in colonial America. In colonial America, privacy was constrained. Colonial homes were often crowded, affording little privacy. There have been many events about privacy since 1639. In 1787, the U.S. Constitution was written declaring it does not contain an express right of privacy, in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3, the Constitution mandates that a census be conducted every ten years. Critics of the census regard it as a threat to privacy (Right of Privacy Time).
In September 25, 1789, the First Amendment protects people’s privacy of beliefs without government intrusion. The Fourth Amendment protects one’s person and possessions from unreasonable searches and seizures. On February 1, 1886 in Boyd v. U.S. Supreme Court recognized the protection of privacy interests under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. In the 1890s, the legal concept of privacy in the United States sketches back to 1890 when the development of newspaper photography and yellow journalism. The article “The Right to Privacy” became the foundation of privacy tort law in America. For example, there are laws in some states that bar the press from recording private conversations and then the police began wiretapping telephones (“At Issue: Privacy and the Press”). Beginning in 1905, the Georgia Supreme Court in Pavesich v. New England Life Insurance Company became the first court to recognize that a common law right of privacy exists in the state. That has used an unauthorized photograph of the plaintiff Paolo Pavesich and attributed statements to him that he did not make. In 1920 The American Civil Liberties Union is dedicated to protecting First Amendment rights and rights to equal protection under the law, due process, and privacy. The European Convention on Human Rights states that all people have a “right to respect for private and family life, his home and his correspondence in 1950. Also on December 18, 1967, the U.S Supreme Court in Katz v. U.S ruled that wiretaps must have court approval, even in places open to the public, such as a public telephone booth (Right of Privacy Timeline)....

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