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Should Child Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse

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In recent years child obesity has become a controversy; there has been cases reported that children have been removed from parent due to the belief that child obesity can be threaten to their life. It is my belief that the removable of the child is appropriate in severe situation. For example if the child is morbidity obese and his or her life is at stake (Ogilvie).
Severe child obesity is life threatening and if it is a form of child abuse that justifies removing a child from their parents. Child obesity has also been linked to psychological and emotional problems. Most of the children, who are obese, are victims of bullying and in many cases the child becomes isolated and may even develop ...view middle of the document...

Despite the educational tool that were given to the parent during the four year the boy continued to gain weight and eventually dying form obesity (“Morbidly obese”).
According to many doctors morbid obesity is a form of malnutrition at it does not require a change in legislation for the state to intervene. Those who are in favor of removing the child from their parents say, if the social worker doesn’t do anything about it, the morbidity obese children chance of survival is minimal as it was in the case of the 10 year old boy. It has also been proven that large numbers of morbidity obese children don’t make it to age 18 (“Morbidly obese”).
On the other side of the controversy are those who are against the removal of the child and say that the overreach of government power. Many also believe that the removal of the child would be neither beneficial for the child nor the state. There is those who disagree with child removal at all cost, they say that removing the child is nothing but a waste of time from the state and is extremely harmful to the child's emotional state. Others argue that it is a waste of taxpayer money and it...

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