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Should Christians Ever Use Violence On Behalf Of Religion?

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In different circumstances using violence on behalf of religion has aided a reformation, or the spreading of the gospel. Other times, millions of people have died due to resistance. Some situations call for violence and others do not. However, there is a failsafe way of determining whether violence should be used on behalf of religion, or not.

The English Reformation and the Thirty Years War, along with the incident on St. Bartholomew’s Eve are just a few examples of how Christians used violence on behalf of religion. Originally the English Reformation was purely political. The only reason protestantism advanced was because it was aided by political agenda at that time. However, since ...view middle of the document...

However, during the Thirty Years War, this was a religion versus religion war. The problem with the this is that religion cannot die, thus any religious war fought against another religion will not end. You may relatively end with a treaty, but no individual side will come out on top. All that will come out of one religion fighting another is bitterness. That is what happened at the end of the Thirty Years War. The Treaty of Westphalia was created thus putting an end to the fighting but not an end to the religious bitterness between the two sides. Unfortunately, the result of the Treaty of Westphalia actually brought the spread of protestantism to an end by confining religions to certain areas. Meaning that if you wanted to be Lutheran, Calvinist or Zwinglian, you have to live in a certain area. Thus, putting an end to the spread of the gospel.

However, in another example of a religion fighting a religion, one side is completely demolished. This was the St. Bartholomew’s Eve Massacre. In this heartless killing of Huguenots and Calvinist Protestants by Roman Catholic Mobs, over 2,000 through 3,000 Huguenots were killed. Though this is only a small fraction of death toll of the religious wars in France, it is still a large amount of people killed nonetheless. In this situation the Roman Catholic mobs (a religious force) slaughtered the Huguenots. Normally, when one religion fights another it results in a...

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