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Should Christians Use Contraception Methods And Reproductive Technologies?

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In the beginning, God reached down into the dust of the earth, formed man and breathed life into him. Man was given the task of ruling and subduing creation as God’s representative, but he was not to do so alone. Thus, the Lord fashioned a woman from the man’s side as he slept. Man and woman, created in the image of their Maker, were called to bear fruit and multiply for their joy and the glory of their God (Should Christians Use Contraception Methods and Reproductive Technologies?). Due to this reality found in the Bible, human life in Christian teachings has been deemed very sacred; this sanctity of human life is the foundation of all conversations about contraception and reproduction. However, there is a discrepancy in how the church should build upon and apply foundational biblical teachings and concepts that the scriptures acknowledge. That is why Christians have been rethinking and debating their position on contraception since some are simply more careful about its use, while others reject contraception altogether.
Now, before examining different perceptions of contraception, it is helpful to distinguish it from the broader category of birth control since it is almost always used synonymously. Thus, contraception only applies to “methods and technologies that are intended to prevent conception”; whereas, birth control refers to everything from “abstinence to abortion” (Village Church). With this distinction in mind, some of the most common forms of contraceptives today are: abstinence, rhythm or calendar methods, withdrawal, barrier methods, sterilization, implants and injections, the pill, and the morning after pill (Village Church). Therefore, with these proper definitions and examples on contraception and birth control, we are able to properly evaluate the current moral and ethical issues about Christianity and contraception.
Prior to the 20th century, contraception was generally condemned by all the major branches of Christianity, such as the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. However, among Christians today there is an enormous debate over the variety of positions towards contraception ever since the Obama administration instituted employer healthcare insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (Bassett). This Act will require employees, even religious based organizations, to pay for all types of health expenses, which include contraception. This act has resurrected the old dispute between the teachings of the church and popular culture of whether using contraception is morally a sin. For example, the Catholic Church has opposed contraception for as far back as one can historically trace. The religious teaching of the Catholic Church specifies that “all sex acts must be both unitive and procreative” (West). In addition, they condemn the use of artificial birth control, and non-procreative sex acts, such as mutual masturbation and anal sex, since they avoid pregnancy. They refer to the Bible to justify...

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