Should Cigarettes Be Banned In The U.S.?

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Should Cigarettes Be Banned in the U.S.?
Tobacco has been around in the world for over 2.5 million years. It was not until a few hundred years ago when the tobacco industry decided to put these crops into use and conjure up tobacco products for the community. A popular tobacco product in society is cigarettes, as they are cheap and simple to use. As long as one is over eighteen, acquiring cigarettes is a straightforward process for a reasonable price, albeit the sin tax. It was not until recently when cigarettes became widely controversial due to the plant containing nicotine, an addictive drug to the body. Aside from containing nicotine and other hazardous chemicals to the body, cigarettes ...view middle of the document...

If this logic comes to fruition and smoking does become banned due to these two reasons, then anything that causes addictions and health implications should also be banned. For example, obesity affects approximately one-third of the population in the U.S. Obesity also causes many health implications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and so on, similar to cigarettes. Foods that cause obesity could also contain addictive ingredients such as MSG, sugar, fat, and salt. These foods can be wrapped into one category: junk food. Since junk food causes health implications and hold addictive traits, then by logic, junk food must also be banned. This is not the case, however. Cigarettes indeed are a major factor in causing health complications to people. However, this is common knowledge everyone is aware of. It does not give people the rights to strip away cigarettes only because it causes cancer. Since junk food is a major factor to obesity, it does not mean junk food should be banned. In both situations, people free willingly decide to smoke or consume junk food.
Another reason people would want to ban cigarettes is the effects of second hand smoking and the dangers. According to the University of Minnesota, there are two types of smoke emitted from cigarettes: mainstream and sidestream smoke. Mainstream smoke is the type that is exhaled by smokers. Sidestream smoke is the one burning off at the end of a cigarette. The type that second hand smoking recipients inhales is the sidestream smoke. It contains “contains twice as much tar and nicotine per unit volume as does smoke inhaled from a cigarette. It contains 3X as much cancer-causing benzpyrene, 5X as much carbon monoxide, and 50X as much ammonia.” A report from the EPA showed that second hand smoking contributed 3,000 deaths per year, and caused a 22 percent increased risk of lung-cancer death in women and a 36 percent higher risk in men (Armentano 1).” However, when the study was audited, the judge determined the EPA hand-picked their test subjects and manipulated their scientific procedures to procure the outcome of having 3,000 deaths per year caused by second hand smoking. Moreover, it stated that the test subjects inhaled an average of one cigarette per day through second hand smoking. But, this information was proven to be a puffery, as it was eleven times higher than the normal intake. Furthermore, a report in the British Medical Journal proved that after analyzing data from more than 100,000 Californians from 1959 through 1997, they concluded that “secondhand smoke has little if any negative impact on morality.” All of the sources also do not state the quantity of smoke one must inhale to increase the risks. A reasonable person would not loaf around in a casino or bar, inhaling all of the smoke around him or her. Sidenote, casinos and bars typically have a smoke-free zone for the non-smokers, thus avoiding the intolerable atmosphere. One could argue about...

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