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A question millions of athletes, professionals, students, and parents have been asking for years, should college athletes be paid to play. Staples stated; “Now, nearly two-dozen former student-athletes are suing the NCAA. A win by the plaintiffs could potentially transform the business of college athletics” (Staples 2010). With more than a billion dollars brought in every year by college sporting events. Surprisingly only a small amount of football and basketball schools are the ones bringing in all of the money that is earned all year. Players are given scholarships based on their athletic ability. These scholarships allow them to go to school, basically for free, if they play the sport they were recruited for. The athletes use college athletics as a stepping stone for professional sports or as a way to be somewhat financially stable through school. There have been many different cases in which the NCAA has thought athletes have been paid to play a sport. Examples are Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Chris Webber, Reggie Bush, Eric Dickerson, AJ Green, and others. However, some could argue that student athletes should be paid to play while others believe that they should not. Dosh stated; “You cannot pay players without invoking Title IX. Safely assuming that any pay-for-play plan would pay male football and basketball players, you run into huge issues with federal law. More money will have to be devoted to women’s sports and it’s highly likely its men’s sports outside of football and basketball that will suffer. And, again, where is all this money going to come from” (Dosh).
Why would pay for play be an important issue? Today’s generation and society is all about sports. The south loves their college football, and the north loves their college basketball. I think anyone can talk about sports regardless of whether they know what they are talking about or not, sports are what America is about. Many people have looked into athletes being paid to play, USA Today did an article titled; “BCS player round table: Should athletes be paid?” In this article, athletes from many different universities speak up and voice their opinions on whether they think they should be paid or not. This case has been studied for years, and nothing has changed. Maybe this is a good thing that nothing has changed, maybe it is bad. A tight end from the national champion team, Alabama’s stated, “Me personally, yes I do. You have people coming in whose financial situation is not good at all. Some of them have kids. It's not predicated to that, but I'm just stating the obvious. I see people struggling in college and you're playing Division I college football, I don't feel that … you've done everything you can from junior high to high school to come here and get this opportunity, and to come here and still struggle, I don't feel like that should be part of it” ("BCS player round," 2013). Another Alabama player gave another point that would get one’s mind turning. “I think...

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