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Should Condom Dispensers Be In The Restrooms

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I am writing this letter to make everyone aware of the current practices that are happening at our College. The AIDS crisis has caused our administration to make what I believe to be an unpopular decision, to install condom dispensers in the restrooms. I believe that having condom dispensers in an institute of higher learning is very extreme and that there are other avenues that could address the AIDS crisis. I will go into further detail about these other avenues in this letter.
First, I would like to bring up one of the alternatives to the condom dispensers. This would be awareness training for the AIDS crisis. I think that my fellow students should be given all of the facts about this disease and how it affects them. To place a condom dispenser in the restrooms is just applying a band aid to a bad wound, but it doesn’t address the real issue. Most college students suffer from what I like to refer to as the invincibility factor. They are young and feel like that would ...view middle of the document...

The CDC has numerous programs that address the issue we are currently faced with.
Next, I would like to touch on an alternative that some may think is old fashioned but I believe this is the best solution, abstinence. Abstinence is the only solution that is a 100% proven to be able to face this crisis head on. Not only would it solve the issue of AIDS but it would address pregnancy as well. Having condom dispensers in the restrooms sends the total opposite message of abstinence. I believe the dispensers promotes promiscuity. This could cause issues with depression, low self-esteem and a sense of worthlessness. I also believe that these dispensers will aid in desensitizing the act of sex. Now it will be looked upon as it is okay, even the school promotes sex before marriage as long as I use protection.
Lastly, I don’t think that this is something that the school should decide without the input of the students. I think that counselors and resources should be made available but not so in your face like a condom dispenser would be. Another factor that has crossed my mind is the fact that the school has decided to address this with this much of an emphasis. There are schools across America that have issues with crime but they do not issue students stun guns. They make resources like more security guards available or add additional lighting. I do encourage some type of mandatory seminar for students and even staff to address this crisis. Let’s get the conversations started.
In conclusion, I believe that there are other avenues that could address t he AIDS crisis. I think that we need to look at every opportunity and resource to make people aware of this crisis. I am not close minded to providing condoms to students but not in this way. Condoms are something they should definitely have if they are going to engage in a sexual encounter. I believe that if we allow the students to take part in addressing this crisis they may surprise you with some of the ways they may address this.

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