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Should Convicted Male Child Molesters Be Physically Castrated

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There are many people who know of someone who has been the victim of sexual assault. Likewise, millions of people are sexual assault victims themselves. With there being so many cases of assault, the criminal justice system is faced with the hard task of deciding on the correct punishment for the convicted offenders. One option of punishment for a male child molester is to have them physically castrated. Convicted male child molesters should most certainly receive strong punishment, but physical castration should be reserved for the worst cases of sexual abuse.
In one case of sexual assault, a New Jersey man named Jesse Timmendequas lured seven year old Megan Kanka into his home on July 29, 1994 with promises that she could see his puppy (Dealing with Sex Offenders, August 1994). Unknown to Megan, the man would not be letting her see his puppy. Jesse Timmendequas had some very different plans. Once she was inside, he strangled her to death, and then he raped her. Before this incident, Jesse Timmendequas had already been convicted of sexual assaulting young girls. He had already served six years in a facility for sex offenders. Obviously, being in a facility did not do him any good at all.
Because of incidents like what happened to Megan Kanka, the justice system has taken steps to prevent such crimes of sexual assault. For instance, once a man is convicted, he has to register as a sex offender. The reason a convicted sex offender has to register is because of the Jacob Wetterling Act (Dealing with Sex Offenders, 1994), which required each state to create a registry system to record and track the locations of sex offenders who have been released back into society. The law was passed in honor of an 11 year old boy who was never seen again. A similar law called Zachary’s law was also named after a child murder victim. It created the first online sex offender registry with information that is available to the public. Honestly though, if there is a registered sex offender living near someone, they could take precautions and try to protect their families, but there is not always a guarantee that taking precautions will ensure protection. If a registered sex offender never truly became clean of their perverted thoughts and sexual urges, they could once again bring harm. So knowing where the sex offenders are may or may not be very helpful.
Along with taking precautions and forming laws, the justice system does try to give the proper punishment for convicted sex offenders. For example, 80% of offenders who were sentenced in the past 6 years have received a custodial sentence (Facts Sheet: Statistics about Sexual Assault, 2014). The average sentence was 4 years, 6 months to 5 years, 6 months. The middle ground was 5 years. On average, sentences for convicted sex offenders can range anywhere from just 12 months to as long as 20 years. Anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault would probably say that even 20 years is not enough; and castration...

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