Should Corporal Punishment Be Introduced Into Schools

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I believe that Corporal Punishment should not be introduced in schools for many reasons. In the following essay I will give those reasons and explain why those in favour are misled.There is a law about inflicting pain on others, and it is there for a reason. This is because it makes person being hit feel lesser, more inferior than the person that is hitting them. If you go up to someone in the street and hit them, the police can charge you with assault. Things should not be any different in schools.It is the wrong way, in my opinion, to enforce order. I think that consent, and the respect that pupils have for teachers should enforce order. The teacher out of good teaching should earn this respect, not because the pupil is scared of him or her. Order should be enforced by a person's free will to want to do something, not out of the fear of being hit. Look at Nazi Germany and how they turned out, they are not ruling Europe now are they? This has been demonstrated world-wide, with facist dictatorships and order enforced by threat of death always failing. The best, and I think only way to enforce order properly is through a person's wish to do the correct thing. Corporal punishment stops this happening.Should not the punishment fit the crime? If you forget your schoolbook, it is a little unfair to be hit for it. By doing this you are blowing the wrong doing out of proportion. The child could do much worse things. Detention is a much better idea, as the child is paying for what they have done, and they are learning something at the same time.If corporal punishment is administered to a child, it will affect the schoolwork produced by that child and those around him or her. They will all be afraid of when they will get their next beating and therefore they will never be able to concentrate on the...

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