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Should Creatine Be Allowed In College Athletics?

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Should creatine be allowed in college athletics? College athletics are becoming increasingly popular and competitive as every day goes by. As the competitiveness grows, so does the popularity of creatine. There are facts and examples why creatine should not be allowed, unless it is taken to moderation. Creatine is a natural substance that is created by our body. It also forms a compound that is stored in the muscles that help provide energy during brief, intense exertion (drugs and herbs). It is created in the liver, kidneys and pancreas, also created naturally by eating meat and fish. Once the body's creatine supply is gone, carbohydrates are then used in its place. Creatine is also a legal over-the-counter "dietary supplement" (creatine supplements). Ninety-five percent is found in skeletal muscle and the remaining five percent is through out the rest of the body (creatine monohydrate). Creatine is used to increase the amount of creatine the body that is used instead of carbohydrates. The body uses creatine to sustain muscle contractions and is essential to short-term, high intensity exercise. Some athletes have stated that there is an increase in body weight, muscle strength, and muscle size. There are also some athletes that say that there was no change in size or strength. Creatine is more effective in those who are well hydrated (creatine supplements). Dr. David Framm, a doctor with the Mecklenburg Medical Group, has expressed a concern about the long-term risks such as liver and heart damage. Some other problems such as cramping, gastro-intestinal difficulties, dehydration and muscle pulls all are concerns on Dr. Framm's mind. Athletes that are using this supplement will dehydrate more quickly than others will, which can led to heat illness. Even though the body produces it naturally, high amounts added in by the supplement can be dangerous (creatine supplements). Sometimes the use of creatine has caused college students-athletes to fail drug tests. This supplement has the ability to do major damages to structures within the body both visceral and muscular (creatine monohydrate). Creatine might actually hamper performance in some sports because it causes water retention (creatine use). There have been many stories about muscles tearing in odd ways and in extreme number of fibers (creatine monohydrate). It does not take much to tear a muscle or ligament, just on wrong move. The use of creatine increases your chances on tearing or pulling muscles. Creatine usage has no effect other that psychological on muscle tear, muscle pulls, muscle strains events occurring during heavy exertion exersices. An athletes tendons or ligaments can only handle so much exertion before they fail, that is just how people are born. If a person takes supplements or not, muscle growth and strength is proportional to your exercise level and consistency (creatine, muscle pulls…). Creatine gives an athlete the psychological feeling that you are...

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