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Should Curfews Be Implemented? Essay

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A curfew is a rule set by parents or legal guardians for children to prevent them from being in specific places in specific times. Approximately 500 cities in the US have laws regarding curfews that forbid teens from being on the streets on curfew hours that are under 18 years of age (Favro, 2009). Many parents and teenagers are facing countless problems regarding curfews which has grown into being the main problem in parenting children. Some people claim that curfews are the best way to parent children while other argue that they do not work. However, not only are they an invasion of a teen's freedom and social life, curfews should not be implemented as they do not keep a teen out of ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, it is not a reasonable to keep teens out of trouble by implementing or forcing curfews on them. Many parents are very protective of their children and want to keep them out of trouble. Therefore, they tend to enforce a curfew on them because it, to them, it is the correct and only way to do so. Jonathan Zimmerman, a teacher at NYU, pointed out in its article, “Curfews don't keep kids out of trouble”, that, in the city of Philadelphia, curfews implemented on teens did not reduce the numbers of juvenile crimes from being committed. In fact, it has only increased in other areas during the non-curfew hours (2011). Zimmerman points out that curfews have done nothing helpful so far regarding keeping teens out of trouble. In fact, they have only increased juvenile crimes during the non-curfew hours which is even more dangerous. To sum, we cannot keep teens out of trouble by enforcing curfews on them because it will only increase juvenile crime rate which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do.

Moreover, curfews can noticeably change a teen’s psychological status and behavior. The feeling of being accused of committing crime or a suspicious act is discriminatory towards teens. We cannot randomly assume that a teen up to no good if he or she is out at night. A person constantly accused of suspicious activity may react negatively towards these accusations and might actually influence his behavior. Rob White, director of the Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies, mentioned in his article, “Youth Studies Australia”, that by implementing curfews we are criminalizing youth activities regardless of knowing them. He further explains that teens are being punished for non-criminal acts (1996). What we can infer from the article is that people are criminalizing the...

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