Should Cyber Bullying Be A Criminal Offense?

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Did you know that 15 to 25% of children and youth are bullying victims on a daily basis? Another 15 to 20% of children and youth are the predator bullying others on a daily basis. Another 42% says they have been bullied online. Children and youth who are gay, overweight or have disabilities are up to 63% more likely to be bullied than other children. Its crazy to think that children could be so harmful at such a young age. I think cyberbullying should be taken more seriously by the government. Cyber-bullying cases should not be ignored they should be looked at carefully and disciplined appropriately.
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You can also tell a trusted adult about your concerns (parents, teacher, guidance counselor ect…) Almost 80% of teens said they either did not have parental rules about Internet use or found ways around rules. Doesn’t that show how irresponsible, and easy going some parents are? Only 11% of teens talks to their parents of cyber-bullying incidents. This shows you how much kids actually trust their parents. Some families do realize that their child is being cyber-bullied and tries to force the school to take action and discipline the students involved but, parents and guardians need to understand that school officials do as much as they can to take stand against cyber-bullying. They do many activities during school hours to show students that bullying behavior is not okay. Schools try to go to court with these problems every time leaving empty-handed.
The department of education sent out letters to school leaders emphasizing that schools much take action against bullying and cyber-bullying before things get anymore out of hand.The obstacle schools must handle is the students freedom of speech right off campus and outside of school hours and activity. Often schools are sued for exceeding their authority. I think there is no question about it schools should be having no qualms or hesitation when it comes to taking action. It is a major safety issue anyways. “Laws in addition with students speech is outdated” -many legal experts. Many states are now adopting laws that specifically address cyber-bullying but, why isn’t this cyber-bullying law addressed to the supreme court? The supreme court is actually refusing to hear any cyber-bullying cases. The constitution was written in 1787! Nobody knew technology would be in this large of use or even in existence yet. Another amendment needs to be...

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