Should Disneyland Expand Into Australia? Essay

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Executive Summary.Amusement parks are entertaining leisure areas devoted to recreational enjoyment. Some have rides, excursions, animal attractions, theme parks, and music. Walt Disney was the first to create an amusement park in 1955, the adored Disneyland in California. After the success of this first amusement park, Disney decided to build other parks in the US and abroad.Australia has many amusement parks. Most are located in the Gold Coast region, which is north of the capitol, Surfers' Paradise. Some of the many parks are Sea World, Wet 'n' Wild Water World, Dreamland, and Warner Bros. Movie World. All of these parks market heavily in Australia to promote brand recognition. Some of these parks draw a large number of visitors per year. Some of these parks and others have experienced financial hardship due to poor attendance.Australia's tourism accounts for around 4.5% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). The largest employer and major industry is retailing. Service industries, such as finance, property, and business services make up the bulk of GDP. The communication industry is the most rapidly growing service. Since mid-1997 Australia has enjoyed a strong economy. This led to a remarkable decrease in unemployment.Walt Disney is the second largest media conglomerate in the world. It specializes in many types of business sectors, such as studio entertainment, media networks, consumer products, and amusement parks and resorts. These amusement parks and resorts are among the world's most well-known.Walt Disney World in Florida is the largest theme park in the world, covering over 45 square miles. It is the most visited park in the US. Disney also has a Disneyland in Tokyo. This park has the highest attendance in the world. Hong Kong will be opening Disney's Magic Kingdom soon, which will be Disney's smallest theme park yet.Paris' Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios has experienced some struggles trying to bring enough business to pay its debts. The owner of the parks, Euro Disney, is in the process of forming a restructuring plan involving a financial institution and its corporate parent, Walt Disney Company. They hope that this reshuffle will clear the way for new additions to the park to draw more visitors.After reviewing the research discussed in this paper on Australia and Disney, the best answer is that it is in Disney's best interest not to expand into Australia. Australia has many amusement parks, not all are going to survive because of financial reasons. The problems with Euro Disney demonstrate the amusement park industry's vulnerability. The Australian Disney Channel makes the Disney brand recognizable, but brand recognition is not the only issue when planning an expansion.Should Disneyland Expand into Australia?An amusement park is an entertaining leisure area devoted to recreational enjoyment, like rides, excursions, animal attractions, theme parks, and music. Amusement parks are basically a development of carnivals and...

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