Should Doctors Be Allowed To Prescribe Contraceptives To Under Aged Girls College Research Paper

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Babies Having Babies
Teenage pregnancy , Gale defines as “ … Pregnancy to a woman under the age of twenty “ , can cause dramatic hardship for the young parent , their families , often times their societies . Imagine your adolescent daughter no older than fifteen, coming home one day pregnant . Every year there is an alarming increase in the number of teens having children. Teenagers are not responsible enough to be able to take care of a child , thus making adolescent parenthood a major issue . There are endless solutions to preventing teenage pregnancy ; yet still the teenage pregnancy rate , although decreasing , still stands as the nation with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the western world . I have evaluated these possible solutions , and picked the most effective ones that can be modified to be a more effective solution to the ongoing problem of teenage pregnancy . In order to do so teens must have a comprehensive understanding of sexual activity and its consequences , parental guidance , along with easier accessibility to contraceptives.
There are an endless amount of ways to prevent teenage pregnancy , but the one that deems most effective is contraception. Many people are under the impression that contraceptives , like birth control , are generally affordable . These assumptions are false . The cost of birth control stands as a barrier to easy contraceptive access. Birth control costs have prevented many young women from receiving proper prevention , thus causing them to have to chose and or depend on less effective methods . According to an article on statistics published by the Our Bodies Ourselves organization ; “ even women with health insurance often shoulder a significant portion of the cost for their prescription birth control needs”. The article goes on to say that women with insurance pay almost fifty percent of the total costs of birth control , although the out-of-pocket cost of non contraceptive drugs is only 33 percent. Another issue is that many of the young woman who need the contraceptives come from low income families making it impossible for contraceptives to be a realistic option . Birth control being made cost free with insurance would help put a decrease in the teenage pregnancy rate .
Lack of proper knowledge on pregnancy also contributes to the high pregnancy rate . Majority of teenage girls do not understand the severity of pregnancy and the drastic changes it could cause in their lives . The same goes for teenage boys and the knowledge of using protection properly . Teenagers go through a great amount of peer pressure making it hard to avoid intercourse . Handling the situation realistically , teenagers should be properly...

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