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Should Doctors Practice Genetic Engineering? Essay

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Image a life in which you will never get sick, a life in which you can take on dangers, knowing that whatever happens, you will get up again knowing that you are healthier than you started. Well then you must have been thinking of a life in which genetic engineering is available. Some people believe that by the use of genetic engineering, doctors can improve the living condition that people undergo every day. Other people believe that genetic engineering should not be practiced do to their belief of it being unethical and immoral. Although it is seen to be immoral and unethical to some, it would lead to unimaginable opportunities to people that cannot find a cure to heal themselves or ...view middle of the document...

First, doctors can make blood cells multiply and clot faster than before, thus reducing the possibilities of having any loss of blood. Second, doctors can cause damaged cells to repair themselves instead of having to be replacing through machines. For example, say that a person’s body had lost control of his or her blood flow due to being shot in the heart. A doctor then can support the heart in rebuilding itself and to regain the influence on the blood supply being sent through that person’s body. Finally, doctors can help the old in gaining and retaining capabilities that they have lost due to change in age. Say that an old man or woman had begun to lose their memory, doctors can undergo a procedure were they will be capable of replacing their damaged or destroyed brain cells with new ones. Through the process of cloning and regenerating, scientists have come up with a way were they can create a new organ or cell basically from any other cell in the body. (“Genetic Engineering” Current Issues: Macmillan Social Library. Detroit: Gate, 2010.)
Do to the ideals of being capable of creating new organs from basically nothing, but any cell of the body will enable doctors to lower the amount of deaths by more than a third. Doctors can start off by using a cell known as stem cell to treat areas such as skin. This process is done by taking a random cell from the body and having it undergo extreme conditions, such as acid baths. Next the cell is manipulated to transform into the cell that is needed. After that the cell is injected into or onto the specified location to either...

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