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Piracy. We have been brainwashed to believe it is a crime, and that such acts should be looked down upon. We have been lied to about the losses as a result of file sharing. We have been jailed for these supposedly unjust but ultimately harmless practices. However, we have been concealed from the truth. We are not the criminals, they are.Who are "They" you ask?The Recording Industry Association of America, known as the RIAA, was established in 1952 for the sole purpose of improving sound quality and playback speed of vinyl records, the source of music at the time. Throughout the years, the RIAA has participated in the development of many music formats, including what became to be known as the cassette and the Compact Disc. Since 1952, the Recording Industry has grown into a much larger, more powerful monopoly, and now handles the patents and royalties of virtually every artist. The most popular branches of the industry include Sony and Warner. Sounds reasonable, right? Lets dig a little deeper into the RIAA.Notice how all CDs nowadays seem to share the same price tag? Our friends from the Recording Industry have a fixed rate on that album you've been longing to buy. Considering the fact that the RIAA is the father of 95% of the current albums, it is next to impossible to escape the $18-$20 price range from any major label. Doesn't it seem a little ridiculous to spend $20 on the one or two hits you will actually listen to on the CD? Is it really worth it? Not even close.Then why are we paying so much money per CD?Over the years, our friends got a little greedy. They started adding "hidden" taxes into the CDs for their own profit, even though these taxes, according to the RIAA site, are meant for the artist. Slowly but surely, these taxes have been raised, enough to alert curious customers. Isn't it a little suspicious when the cost of producing a CD plummets, yet the price of an album increases?The RIAA makes the survival of independent and private labels next to impossible. Only labels under their ruling are able to stay in business. In rare instances, certain independent record labels gain power such as Alchemy records. These companies have cheaper products to offer, along with better royalty cuts. Sadly, these record labels are being overpowered, leaving artists unable to turn to anyone but the RIAA.Thus, artists have been affected by the corrupt methods used by the RIAA. If you think that most of the money made off an album goes to the musician, you are sadly mistaken. Even a 50% cut per CD would seem like a dream come true. Most artists recording under labels from the RIAA are given a mere 15% royalty cut, leaving the rest for none other than the Recording Industry Association of America. When you buy that 20 dollar CD, only $3 is going to the artist, leaving the rest for the $40 billion a year industry. Subtract all of the investments the band made into making the album, along with the countless people involved in the production waiting for...

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