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Should Downtown Atlanta Have Free Parking

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Should Downtown Atlanta have free parking?
Atlanta is one of the most visited cities in America. The most common place people like to visit when coming to Atlanta is Downtown. Downtown Atlanta is a huge place located at the center of the city. Downtown has everything to offer from shopping centers to historic buildings. These are the many things that Downtown Atlanta has to offer. Downtown being the most busies place in Atlanta creates a lack of parking that has become a big issue for the visitors and residents. Downtown Atlanta does offer free parking but those are limited to the public. There is also a parking meter which only allows visitors to park for a maximum of two hours. With that being said, many people thing that parking in Downtown Atlanta should be free to the public. This is one of the biggest problems with Downtown Atlanta. To offer free parking will be a costly investment for the city of Atlanta. Parking in downtown Atlanta should not be free because it can be a costly investment for the city.
Most parking available in downtown cost money and time. Even the parking spaces available are very limited and not everyone could afford it. The parking decks in downtown belong to some companies. Most of those companies even make their own employee pay for it. As for the city, they have some free parking spaces which are limited to the public. Many of those parking spaces in Downtown Atlanta are usually not free. Atlanta is not the only state in America who does not provide free parking for their customers, workers, or tourists alike. For instance New York downtown charges for their parking. They are many parking meters on the sides of the roads where you can park your car for a limited period of time. Atlanta Downtown has meters on every available space on the streets and at every corner possible. The meters are step up only on a time limit. People say that the meters need to be fed before it works. And that is true, if anyone fails to pay the meter than your vehicle can be towed. That is more money out of your pocket. The street in downtown are usually small because every building such as stores, are so condensed and that leaves a little space for parking on the road. With that being said, it is not the safest place to park your vehicle. The parking decks are preferable but the parking space outside are more convenient. The parking meters in Atlanta generate a lot of money for the city.
Having free parking can bring in customers in for businesses Downtown. With that being said with providing free parking can be very costly for a city such as Atlanta. Atlanta is big city and attracts a lot of visitors in and out. This is one way for the city to make money. Free parking for me is not the idea for the city of Atlanta. Downtown is a busy place where people like to go and enjoy themselves. Even though many complain that the parking meters are sometimes too expensive they still visit it. Some people do wish that parking should be...

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