Should Drivers Of Automobiles Be Prohibited From Using Cellular Phones?

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Every second drivers across the United States are their cell phone. Talking, texting, sending emails and using applications risk a higher rate of a dangerous or deadly car crash. An estimated 1.6 million crashes occur each year due to the use of a cellular phone (Lim 197-212). Accidents like these can easily be prevented but many drivers put safety at risk by failing to obey laws against distracted driving. If drivers were prohibited to use cellphones, motor vehicle accidents would be reduced significantly.
Several states are administering laws against distracted driving. According to a recent study, in the Journal of Public Health Policy, between year 2000 and 2010 states banning cellphones significantly reduced vehicle accidents. Of these accidents, ages between 18 and 34 were most prominent. Along with this study, findings reflected no significant difference between this age group and the senior citizen.
With that being said, in 2012 Consumer Reports nationally surveyed motor vehicle drivers between the ages of 16 and 21. A staggering 50 percent admitted to talking on a cellphone, sending a text message, email, or utilizing applications while driving. Most of these same drivers agreed and believed that these actions were dangerous. Parents are included in these risks which promotes a bad influence for our young drivers.
According to Accident Analysis & Prevention, 81 percent of young drivers admit to replying to text messages while 92 percent admitted to, only, reading text messages while driving. A portion of these young drivers claim to only engage in these behaviors while stopped, such as, at a light, or a stop sign. Unfortunately, only 2 percent declare to never text and drive under any circumstances. This is a perfect exhibit of young drivers being more risky than older drivers. Younger drivers tend to accept narrower gaps in traffic when making the decision to pull out, reduce following distances, and drive faster. Risky driving is a result of mere inexperience, perhaps administering more driving education, as well as cell phone bans, will reduce these accidents significantly.
Now, we know young drivers aged 18 to 20 account for the highest crash or near crash experiences due to phone involvement. However, older drivers, just like the younger ones, do not believe having a phone conversation while driving affects their driving ability. According to the Accident Analysis and Prevention, a case study shows that drivers who engage in ordinary phone conversations only differ with those who do not take calls in the way they perform in speed. In addition, drivers who engaged in emotional phone calls exhibited the most dangerous driving behaviors.
Research gathers statistics of vehicle crashes based on age group, cell phone activity, and gender. Generally speaking, males have a slightly higher rate of vehicle crashes according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition, males show a higher rate of near crash experiences. Of...

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