Should Employees Be Available Via Emails Or Messages Even After Their Working Hours

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Nowadays, technology becomes to be a part of life. People try to develop the technology to improve the life. Therefore, technology contributes to the convenience in daily life. Most of people adapt to their work to make it easier, such as using email and other messengers to communicate in their work. There are many advantages of today technology to support working. However, if peopleimproperly use, these technologies are unbeneficial for both employees and employers. There are two reasons why employees should not be available via email or other messengers during after working hours; to protect employees’ mental health and to give worker’s private time.
To protect the worker’s mental health is first reason for opposing the out-of-office work. Today, the workers take more than 8 hours a day in the office. Some workers do not work only in the working hour, but they also work overtime to finish their project in that day before getting another work tomorrow. It seems the workers tend to have too much stress. If workers have to deal with overloaded work every day, in the long run it would have negative effect to the workers themselves and also the organization. For example, the workers might work ineffectively, so it affects to the unproductive organization or even the workers might quit the job. Like the idiom, one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. Therefore, to relieve the worker from their stress and protect their mental health, the company should not assign out-of-office work and let them enjoy life after working hour to recharge their energy before going to work tomorrow.
In addition, another reason is that the employer should respect on the workers’ time while they are out of the office. The employer should not interfere on the workers’ private time. When the employees leave the office, they expect to feel free from the stress on working and have some leisure time. Every workers need to have their own free times to take a rest or enjoy what they have passion or spend time with family instead of working. In my opinion, the employer should let them being on their own ways. In another way, the private time can make the employee...

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