Should Employers Dictate What Employees Wear Outside Of Work?

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In today’s society looking good is important, especially in the working environment. Every occupation has some sort of dress code for employees to follow. Dress codes can range from wearing suits to gym shorts depending on one’s occupation. Employers decide if the candidate is qualified for the job based on appearance, and then what you wear for the job based on the company’s dress code. The question is can one’s employer dictate what is appropriate dress outside of the job? Employers should only have a say of what one wears while representing the company.
In our society we are not forced by the government to wear specific articles of clothing in public. For example, an Arabic woman must wear an Abbaiya in the public eye whether at work or at the market. If employers are allowed to determine what is worn outside the work environment then we are following this communist tradition. Employees should be allowed to make their own clothing decisions outside of work.
Another scenario where employees should not be in dress code all the time is health care professionals. If a doctor or nurse were to wear their scrubs outside of the hospital many circumstances could occur. One problematic situation is the sanitization of the uniform. In addition a health care professional could be expected to carry out duties and be held liable. Although one would not be recognized as a health care professional in uniform by sight, their oath would still be upheld. Some examples are CPR, Heimlich maneuver, or any emergency situation.
There are instances when employees represent the company off of clock hours and should be expected to follow company dress code. For example, some companies set up business dinners, which would require the employee to dress professionally. This is vital to the overall image of the company as well as the employee. Another instance in which dressing appropriately is beneficial is people who are constantly in the public eye. Celebrities who have young followers are expected to be good role models. Therefore not dressing appropriately puts a bad image of them in the public eye. According to P. David Marshall author of, Celebrity Power; Fame in Contemporary Culture, “Celebrity status also confers on the person a certain discursive power: within society, the celebrity is a voice above others, a voice that is channeled into the media systems as being legitimately significant” (Marshall, 1997). Marshall also states the power of celebrity status appears in business, politics, and artistic communities, and operates as a way of providing distinctions and definitions of success within those domains (Marshall, 1997). A third example of dressing professionally would be a government leader who represents the United States of America. If President or Mrs....

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