Should Energy Systems Be Implemented On A Widespread?

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Our nation, the United States of America, has given billions in grants and loans for research on windmill and solar energy. There are plenty of pros to solar and windmill energy but, there is also plenty of cons to go along with it. Some pros and cons being minor and some being major, this topic has sparked a dispute whether solar and windmill energy is a beneficial solution to our rapid use of resources on earth. Our earth is being deprived of its resources slowly but also at an alarming rate. However, solar and windmill energy could be the future of our world but, is solar energy good or bad for our planet?

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Billions of dollars are going towards solar panels but each year in the process of making each and every solar panel, it’s creating millions of tons of polluted contaminated water (Jason Dearen). Solar and windmill energy are meant to provide clean energy, but with this information it doesn’t seem to be living to its hype.

The backers of solar and windmill energy are saying these inventions are producing green and efficient ways to get energy overall rather than to depend on fossil fuels or coal. Solar panels have a 20 year lifespan and within those 20 years they produce the cleanest option of energy we have around till this day. Solar power energy will produce more energy than nuclear or fossil fired power plants. The rate would be 2 cents per kilowatt-hour, which would be a great advance in the wholesale cost of energy. This would then eliminate the cost of power or electricity that a consumer uses by 2/3’s. According to Alison and Kevin, writers of a solar energy article,“Every gallon of diesel displaced by solar energy keeps 22 pounds of CO2 from joining the atmosphere” (Mason and Boxer). Meaning from solar energy we are taking care of our earth and future environment for those to come after us. Ace, the inventor of solar panels said,“The world population is projected to surge past 8.5 billion people in the next 20 years, even as energy companies are drilling for oil in increasingly harsh conditions” (Ronald Ace). Author Stephen stated that,“German Chancellor Angela Merkel reversed her support for nuclear power following huge public protests following the catastrophe at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants in 2011. Germany will close its 17 nuclear plants by 2022” (Stephen Leahy). Policies are restricting solar energy from doing the things it's capable of. Fossil fuels are producing more money due to the policies they have, fossil fuels have such a negative impact on our earth that the money it's producing is not paying for the...

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