Should English Be The Official Language Of America? Kingsborough/English12 Research Paper/Opinion

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Should English be the Official Language of the United States of America?
"The population of the United States was built on immigration from other countries"(Zimmermann), with that being said English shouldn't be the official language of the United States because this is a place of diversity and every language should be accommodated here.
If English was never the official language since the birth of the United States why should it be now? When immigrants come here from different countries, from all over, it is believed that they must know English to function in this society. Although that is true, the government should not be able to enforce what language someone speaks. "Linguistic minorities should be protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964"(Uknown).Choosing what language should be spoken is something that the government should not interfere with. Learning English is going to be beneficial at some point though.
People believe making English the official language will help immigrants assimilate better, but it actually doesn't. If English was made to be the official language, immigrants would be required to attend weeks of ESL classes. ESL classes are expensive, and few immigrants have money to pay for them when they first arrive. Immigrants also have needs
besides learning English. They need to feed, house, and clothe themselves, for examples. To fulfill these basic needs takes money, which cannot be made by sitting in expensive lessons.
"Five states are considering legislation this year to make English their official language. If passed, they would join the 31 states with existing official language laws"(Schwarz). One consequence of making English the official language of the U.S. is that this would rule out any individual states having any say in the matter. Some U.S. states have set English as the official language, and some have not. In one example, a large number of people in the New Mexico state are Spanish speakers. It would make no sense for the federal government to order a state like this to make English the official language.
"The vast majority of people in America speak English, and immigrants try to learn English (and encourage their children to) as they assimilate into...

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