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Should Etiquette Be Taught At School?

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According to the ABC News survey, 73 percent of Americans feel manners are worse today than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Although character education is a hot topic in schools across the nation, education in maners often receives scant attention; with growing demands on teaching time, etiquette is rarely a priority. It might be a mistake to ignore the adage that actions speak louder than words, however. Teachers who teach manners said they notice a real difference in students' attitudes, in the way they treat one another, and in their schoolwork. Although some might say that manners are to be taught from the parents, the places children learn to socialize are not only at home, but also at school; it is their second home. A child either learns different moral values from his home or from his school. These days with both of the parents working, a child rarely gets the opportunity to learn moral and social values from home. In the past, although the parents were working, grandparents took care of their grandchildren and taught them important lessons of life, however, this is no longer prevalent as more and more families get unconcerned of teaching manners to young people. Of course not all the parents are failing to teach manners, but it is surprising to see many adults who do not know the correct ways of being respectful. Then how are they to educate their children? Thus, the only way we can ensure our future generation to learn etiquette is by schools.
Firstly, etiquette makes an agreable and a peaceful classroom. These days, there is a misconception that etiquette is about formal behavior. The foundation of etiquette is kindness to others, treating others as you would like to be treated. Although many of its rules evolved into formal behavior, etiquette and civility began during medieval times to help individuals live with one another peacefully and in a civil manner. Knowing how to act appropriately in public, introduce oneself properly to others, and say "please" and "thank you" are skills every young person should master to be successful. Many teachers are frustrated with the rudeness and lack of respect in the classroom. And because many students are not being taught the rules of etiquette at home, the responsibility is now being placed on the schools. Teachers will be better able to reinforce the rules of appropriate behavior when they know students have been instructed in them. Knowledge of character developement will not only make children nicer, but it will also help them to do better in school. The action of appropriate behavior will help the students be better people and teach them how to avoid conflicts, which reduces fighting. Etiquette also teaches respect, which should improve behavior toward the teachers and classmates in the classroom and increase students' academic success.
Furthermore, teaching etiquette in schools affect table manners later. Any doubts that manners are facing extinction can be dispelled with a peek into...

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