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Should Every American Go To College?

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Being a college graduate is a big part of the American dream. Some of America’s best universities have been around for hundreds of years. But, should every American go to college? Not everyone can handle the rigorous college life. Most of the people who go to college are upper class kids whose parents went to college. Margaret Miller states in her article “the privileges of the parents,” that we need to start pulling in newcomers to college to help them succeed and not focus on the privileged children of America who will go to college because their parents went (629). There are numerous people who are very intelligent but cannot afford the cost of going to college. The biggest struggle Americans have when it comes to going to college is the thousands of dollars it costs to acquire a college education. College degrees are in high demand but for many people aren’t an option they can consider due to the high prices. Pharinet stated in his article “Is College for Everyone?” from, “There is also no doubt that every person has the right to an education” (635). Not every American should go to college, but college should be a possibility for everyone.
Even though college is not for everyone it should be an opportunity for every American. There are numerous benefits that come from getting a college education. Receiving a college education doesn’t just profit the person who is given the college degree. In an article written by Margaret Miller she stated, “In short, a college education has benefits that ripple down through the generations” (629). If your parents went to college then you are more likely to receive a college education. The benefits of someone going to college reach through all parts of society and increase the standard of living as well as the economy. By getting a college education you are more likely to get a high paying job, not lose your job, live a fuller life, and retire sooner. A survey done by the Labor statistics found that people who hold a bachelor’s degree make approximately $20,000 more yearly than someone who only has a high school diploma. (Kirzner and Mandell 624). By going to college you are opening more opportunities for you and society. Charles Murray a writer for The Wall Street Journal published an article and talked about how obtaining a college degree will allow you to acquire a job that would not be possible to get without a college degree (632). By having a college degree jobs will be easier to find. Robert Perry stated that there will be three million jobs needing bachelor’s degrees by the end of the next president’s term but there won’t be enough people with college degrees to occupy the jobs (625). In addition, Perry claims that a college degree will improve living conditions he states that if you do not have a college degree the capability of paying for the basics such as a roof over your head, gas, and food to eat will disappear and you will not have the means to provide these necessities....

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