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Should Fast Food Industry Be Held Responsible For Obesity? Essay Essay

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A current epidemic has risen the number of obesity children are increasing dramatically.
People are now starting to question if fast food restaurants should be responsible for the
rise of obesity in America. ​Although, fast food restaurants should not be held
accountable for the sudden increase of obesity in children. The ones to blame is their
parents because sometimes they are too busy with their jobs an. This essay will argue
who should be the most responsible for making children obesity, between parents,
government, and the fast food companies.
Parents are the one who taught children about food for the first time. Children at the age
of 2-4, usually love eating ice cream, candies, and other kind of sweets. Parents
sometimes give sweet treats such as soft drinks to their children when their children do
not want to eat. Children usually love soft drinks because it tastes cold and sweet, most
children favourites. However, if parents can strictly control their children to avoid fast
food and not to introduce fast food restaurant to their children since they were kids,
children will not addicted to fast food. Parents can introduce their children to eat a lot of
vegetables and fruits instead of taking their children to fast food restaurant. In addition,
lifestyles in family also contribute for children health condition,...

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