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Should Global Production Of Tobacco Be Prohibited?

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Tobacco is the legal drug, which kills many people around the globe. According to World Health Organization (WHO) around six million people die from smoking each year. The largest number of deaths is found in developing countries and between poor people. This was caused by intense advertising, which influences people to try associated with a low price and addictive substances of the tobacco. The global production of tobacco should be prohibited for several facets.
The opponent smokers against the veto of productions of tobacco have arguments of the right choice and the free will and they are responsible themselves. However, smoking is a bad influence for young people in especially for ...view middle of the document...

The production of cigarettes produces about 16 million tons of carbon dioxide in the USA for year (Proctor, 2011, 316). Furthermore, cigarette butts, which contribute to water and soil pollution, has chemicals, such as arsenic, ammonia, cadmium, benzene, acetone and formaldehyde (Mackay et al. 2012, 18). That is responsible for contamination and intoxication marine wild lives and birds. The cigarette butts when in contact with fresh water, they spend 12 months to decompose, different from seawater, which spend 5 years to compose while this period, it was accidental consumed by turtles and birds. Another, forests are destroyed each year to provide space for tobacco plantation, which degrades soil. Thus, the pollution of air, water and environment will decrease with the prohibition of tobacco.
The final argument advanced by the opponent of prohibition of tobacco products is that it might cause economic loses and unemployment. The tobacco products increased 12% between 2000 and 2010. Today, around 6 trillion cigarettes are produced per year and in 2010, the tobacco industry had a value of global of 664 billion all taxes included (Mackay et al. 2012, 54). Another problem is unemployment, because industries of tobacco and anti-tobacco breed many jobs. For example, in China, the largest cigarette-producing has 100,000 workers. In low and middle-income countries, the production tobacco is a principal source job. In contrast, according to WHO (2014), 80% of deaths was occurred in developing countries. Also, the tobacco is responsible for spending a lot of money with the treatment of victims from cigarettes. Smoking is a health risk not just for smokers, but for second hand smokers too. If there are nonsmokers around smokers, they breathe the same air and can suffer the same health problems. In cigarettes, there are many dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals. For instance, Cigarette smoking was responsible for at least 30% of all cancer deaths (Mackay et al. 2012, 17). The main type is lung cancer, but smoking may be associated with other cancers and other health problem, such as cancers of esophageal, pancreatic, cancer of the nasal cavities, cervical, breast and ovaries. Smoking can cause other health problems, such as...

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