Should Gm Food Be Sold? Essay

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Should Genetic Modified Food be sold?

Due to modern technology scientist are able to study and even splice DNA. With this knowledge are able to adjust and add or detach parts of DNA, which is call genetic engineering. Scientist would want to genetic modified an organism if they would alter a gene in the organism’s DNA for a better gene or to exact a gene from the DNA. The scientist would first the DNA of an organism that they want to modify and extract the desired gene that wanted to replace. After this they would replace the missing gene with the modified gene, that the scientist wanted, and use bacteria or virus or injections to get the modified DNA to replicate. Genetic engineering have been use in multiple of uses like in agriculture. Scientist had been able to modified agriculture so they could grow bigger or resistant temperature or pesticide and many other ways that benefit the farmers, but still the new method of agriculture still have some problems on whether we should genetic modified food. Since it is still a new method we still do not know the long-term effects of GM food. While genetic modified food have many benefits to human society, there are still some concerns on what it will do to the ecosystem and whether it is safe to consume and economically ethically.
While it is true that genetic engineering is beneficial to humans as they could grow more food and even add nutrition into the food. Like corn and soybean, they are genetic engineering to resistant to pesticides and herbicides so that all the corps could grow. The corps is even genetic modified to grow bigger and to have some nutrition that they were never to naturally have. For an example Monsanto bioengineering the soy bean so that it will be tolerance of Monsanto herbicide Round Up. While the weeds would be killing, the soybean would not die since it was modified to be tolerating against the herbicide (Monsanto). By doing this corps would only grow and weeds would die. Also the crops could be resistance by becoming Insect resistance, which is achieved by incorporating into the food plant the gene for toxin production from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (BT). This toxin is currently used as a conventional insecticide in agriculture and is safe for human consumption (). With both of this farmers are able to produce high yield of crops and they do not have to worry about weeds or pest ruining their crops. While this is beneficial for farmers to produce many crops and business to make profit, it still not out weigh the consequences of genetic modified food.
The biggest concern of genetic modified food is that what will it do to the ecosystem. There are concerns that the genetic diversity of various crops will decrease or that they will indirectly affect the diversity of other organisms. These are the two biggest issues with genetic modified food since this would not only affect the organism only but the entire ecosystem. As farmers and scientist only focus and...

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