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Should Gods Be Moral? Essay

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Morals are having principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct (“Morals”). Having morals is something that people can have or lack. In religion, believing in a god with morals is a necessity. In Ancient Greece, however, Greek religion believed in gods and goddesses with immoral behaviors.
Ancient Greek religion was a polytheistic religion that believed in many gods and goddesses. To Greeks, these gods and goddesses would be able to control everything. Each god or goddess had his or her own distinct personality and territory. “Greek myths explained the origins of the gods and their individual relations with mankind” (Hemingway). Unlike current religions, like Christianity and Judaism, Greek gods were not known for being moral or being truly good or evil. Many of the Greek gods and goddesses were disorganized and self-contradicting. Although this was apparent to the Greeks, the Greeks believed that their religion was to brighten their own lives, rather than give them godlike guidance. The best example of a self-contradicting Greek god is Zeus – father of all gods and humans (Cunningham and Reich 32-33).
As I said before, Zeus is the father of all gods and humans. He represents the idea of an independent moral code that all humans and immortals must obey. If any god or mortal did not follow this moral code, Zeus would enforce justice and watch over the punishment of the wrongdoers (Cunningham and Reich 33). Although Zeus is known for representing a moral code, Zeus’ behavior was far from moral. “Zeus was subject to pleasure, pain, grief, and anger, but he was most susceptible to the power of Eros – love, which often got the objects of his desire in a lot of trouble with his wife, Hera. Zeus was known for having numerous affairs with mortal women producing even more children including Hercules.” Some of the women that had affairs with Zeus are Metis, Themis, Mnemosyne, Leto, and Europa (Hunt). Although Zeus was a brilliant, wise man, he was not so good at hiding his love affairs from his wife (“Information”).
With so much immoral behavior in Greek religion, one can see how Greek gods differs from current gods, such as God in Christianity. In Greek religion, you have someone like Zeus who has many love affairs, while in Christianity you have someone like God who is omniscient and omnipotent – perfect. You can say that they are the same when it comes to being the head god in their religion,...

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