Should Government Enact The Law To Prevent Child Marriage

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“I want a permanent divorce”, this is a saying of a wife 10-year-old who was suffering from Child Marriage(Robert F. Worth, “Tiny Voices Defy Child Marriage in Yemen”). Child Marriage is a reality that children, specially girls, have to marriage before they get 18 years old due to social norms, traditions, and the adults whom they are dependent on. Nowadays, child marriage is a problem in society. Many places in over the world persists Child Marriage as a social evil. “The isolation of child marriage as one of the greatest social evils has to be critically viewed” (Shanker, Nikhil, Aruna, “Child Marriage. Government and NGOs”). Because of child marriage as a social norm or traditional practice, human rights is broken, many children have to suffer and societies still exits a social evil that prevents society from development. Follow this truth,Child Marriage – the social evil - should be considered by Government and society. Therefore, enact the law to prevent Child Marriage should be done.
Child Marriage is a form of disruption of the Human Rights, Child’s Rights. Many places all over the world persists child marriage as cultural practices and economic marriages.There were the thoughts that let the girl marriage early is helping her family escape from poverty and giving her a guarantee. However, the sequels are incalculable. This lack of knowledge and abuse of marriage cause the loss of Human Rights of many child girls. Every children is born all have Human Rights, Child’s Rights. One of the most important rights of children is children have the rights to be protected from all harm. According to Child’s Rights, article 34, “every child has the right to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse” (Joy Berry, “Mine and Yours”). Therefore, child marriage breaks the Human Right Goals that Government should enact the laws to prevent this social evil; child marriage also affect child girls’ health directly.
Child Marriage causes the riskiness for children’s health. Child Marriage actually is a way of sexual exploitation and violence that harmful for children, specially child girls. They not only have to suffer sexual abuse, but also have to suffer violence. Their older-husband beat them as well. For a witness, it is a truth story about marriage life of the wife 10-year-old (Robert F. Worth, “Tiny Voices Defy Child Marriage in Yemen”). Moreover,many little girls are required from husband’s family to give birth soon after the wedding. It is a danger for children because they...

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