Should The Uk Be Involved In Foreign Conflict?

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Should the UK Be Involved in Foreign Conflict? - By Callum BellIn the late 1930's, Nazi Germany had been aggressively advancing on surrounding territories much to the dismay of the international community. Following the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, the UK put its foot down and declared war on Germany. We now know that if Britain had not acted, Europe may have fallen under the oppressive totalitarian rule of the Nazi Party. The question of whether the UK should involve itself in foreign conflicts is still often asked today with the recent costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan drawing to a close and a new war in Syria looking very possible, but it has been increasingly difficult to justify the UK's involvement in such conflicts with the costs failing to tally up to the results.The financial costs for the UK for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated as £41.5 billion of taxpayer's money. This may have been money well spent if it did not result in the deaths of 627 British soldiers, over 100,000 civilian deaths in both countries combined and a lack of any rewarding results that may have justified the war with much internal conflict and instability still occurring in both countries. The wellbeing of the Iraqi and Afghani people has not been improved, which means the efforts of Britain and other intervening nations have been fruitless. With the global recession and many public sector spending cuts still being put in place, this money may have been better spent on the British people whose quality of living is affected by the current economic climate.Intervention in the Middle East also presents a serious threat to the safety and wellbeing of the British people. MI5 reported that the threat of terrorist attacks within Britain has increased in recent years as a result of British intervention, with Muslim Jihadists committing such atrocities as the 7/7 London bombings which resulted in 52 civilian deaths and the 2013 Woolwich attack in which soldier Lee Rigby was violently murdered in public. Tensions with nations such as Pakistan and Iran have also been on the rise due to Western military presence which could lead to even more wars, and even more deaths. With one of the original aims of intervention in the Middle East being to protect the interests of the British people, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have proved counter-productive.According to the BBC, the British...

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