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Should Guns Be Allowed In The United States?

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If people were not able to have guns would there be less deaths or would people find things to take place of the gun. Gun control seems to be a major factor in the United States these days. Some say guns are not controlled, while others say the gun control is way too tight and should be lightened. The government is always coming up with different plans to change gun control that will never work. It is not the guns fault that they are shooting people, it’s the persons fault; a gun cannot pick itself up, aim at a person, and pull the trigger to shoot all by itself. When guns can do something in that sort, we then can blame the guns and come up with a gun control law system.
There are typically 3 types of guns that are used, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Anyone can find a gun anywhere, which is the major problem with controlling guns. When the guns get into the wrong hands it becomes bad; it is really hard to control because guns are sold on a daily basis to any individual who has the money to buy it. There are many reasons to why it could not work. The only way it could happen is to search everywhere and take every gun. This would make everyone have to start over and still probably won’t get all the guns out of the United States. There will always be a huge problem with guns in the United States when it is really not as big of a problem as we think. We just say it’s a huge problem because it is something out of our control.
Guns are also classified by the way they shoot as in how the next shell is loaded into the gun. There is a fully automatic which shoots rapidly with one trigger pull. These are illegal in the United States, but there is still plenty of them out there in the wrong hands of people. The next is a semi-automatic, which is where you pull the trigger the amount of times you want the gun to shoot. The lever action guns have a lever that you have to cock between each shot that loads the bullet. A pump action gun is also kind of like a lever action but you pump the gun instead of cock it. There is a bolt action where you have a bolt that you slide over and pull back to load another bullet into the gun. Finally, there is a single shot, which holds one bullet and can only shoot one time and has to be broke open or loaded. All guns are designed for their general purpose and many use it for the wrong reason, this is why the fully automatic gun has been outlawed. The fully automatic is a great recreational shooting gun, but not many will ever get to experience this experience due to people abusing the gun for the wrongful purposes instead of their actual use.
According to statistics there are 300 million gun owners in the United States. While there is only 307 million people living in the United States. Over 70% of the crimes permitted are involved with a gun or firearm. Many states have concealed carry permits for who that qualify. But it is usually the ones that don’t have this that commit the crimes. With this class they teach you...

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