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Should Gym Be An Everyday Requirement At Schools?

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Most schools only require a gym class for a small period of the school year. Some people only see PE as an irrelevant requirement that takes up time. However, gym class has a lot of benefits for its students. Gym opens up doors to activities such as sports and exercising. Both of these activities increase a child’s mental and physical health. These activities are great for children but a lot of children don’t get the opportunity because they don’t fully understand each activity. Gym classes allow the students to get a chance to experience various sports so that they can make the decision if they want to play them. They also encourage students to get the daily exercise they need. How are gym ...view middle of the document...

Gym class gets to the students and teaches them healthy habits before they can start any bad ones. Most athletes started out playing in elementary and had parents who helped teach them to play. If a child doesn’t have parents that are as involved then that kid might miss out on an important opportunity. Gym can get more kids interested in sports and students who play sports tend to live a healthier lifestyle.
Gym will work in exposing students to exercising and sports because it’s what it already does. Students are already being exposed to healthy activities some but more time in gym can help them receive the needed exposure to learn the importance of healthy activities. A daily gym class would be beneficial because it could also expose students to less conventional sports. The class could expose the students to a wider variety of sports so that they can decide on what they are more suited for. A wider variety can also help the students exercise more of their body. The class can teach the students a routine to strengthen themselves and that they could pass onto others.
Having a class to get to live a healthier life has plenty of benefits. Too many children are experiencing weight related health problem and an increase in gym class could possibly prevent that. Getting students to exercising might lead to them eating healthier which could cause a decrease in health problems...

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