Should High Profile Offenders In Jail Take The Place Of Animal Testing?

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Why punish an animal when you could punish a criminal? We all have pets and let’s face it one look into a dog’s eyes and you’re gone; how can someone even think testing on a defenseless creature is humane. Testing on animals just isn’t right when there are serial killers, and rapists that just sit in jail with some luxury’s non-criminals have when a poor puppy is sitting in a cage with bleeding eyes. How that fair the dog is didn’t do anything to deserve such a treatment; when a serial killer killed someone in cold blood just for the fun of it.
People love animals and most people really hate criminals so why hurt a little rabbit for the sake of some stupid eyeliner; when there is a perfect criminal sitting in a jail cell waiting for the death penalty, perfect testing subject. Besides if a human is using the product shouldn’t it be tested on a human? After all we do have the same exact type of skin last time I checked I didn’t have a layer of fur so a product that might work with a bunny might not work with a human.
Personally I think we should give them the choice to either be put to death if they are on death row, or be used in testing for cosmetics; and let the animals go free so they can be adopted and have a second change at a new life with people that will love and care for them.
Another thing this would do is cut down on overcrowding in prisons across the United States which would allow more room in prisons for minor offenders not to mention this would also create more jobs it would allow another place for testing to be built and it would allow for more research opportunities. It would also allow for more animals a change to be adopted into loving families and have a change at a new life.
Overcrowding in prisons is a serious issue and if we were to build a huge state of the art facility for testing on criminals it would give prisons more room for the low risk prisoner’s they already have in the prison. I am not saying we should test on the people who are in prison for substance abuse or stealing something those are rather minor offences and there is a change that being in prison would make them want to get clean and turn over a new leave. I am talking about testing on the serial killers and rapists who say killed fifteen people and are awaiting death row or they were sentenced to three lives in prison, you could give them the option of either rotting in the prison or being a test subject for a cosmetic company. It would make them feel like they were still a member of the United States.
Personally I hate animal testing; I always make sure to see if the label has not tested on animals. Besides even though they would be testing on criminals it would be that criminal’s choice. You can’t really ask a dog or a cat if they consent to being tested on. I know it’s only a animal but that is beside the point what animal wants to wear lip gloss or have hair products tested on its fur, or be subjected to having pills shoved down its throat to see...

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