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Should High School Students Be Required To Do Community Service?

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Should High School Students be required to do Community Service?
Communities are places where people whom share similar characteristics, live together. People generally live in communities as a tendency to socialize with other people and satisfy needs such as food and shelter. The magnitude of needs within a small group is quenched within a family or extending to a nearby neighbor. Many people in a community have more needs and to solve those needs there are specific departments such as a police department that serve peoples’ best interests. Everyone in a community, no matter how big or small does a service to aid others. Students go to school, paid by tax-payers such as family, friends, and neighbors, so they should expect assistance in the future. High School students should be required to do community service because it helps build character and helps contribute back to those that helped them.
High School students are adolescents who have taken a community’s hospitality for a number of years. Through their infant years until the time they enter high school, nothing was expected in return. Community services such as volunteering, neighborhood clean-ups help provide opportunity to show appreciation for the hard work put in over the years. Elderly who like to walk and breathe fresh air will be able to from a neighborhood cleanup, boosting their morale. Mandating community service helps secure growth and safety since it can promote job growth in departments related to helping a community. An example would be helping the homeless by donating shirts portrays that not all people have an easy life. The resulting consequence would be that some of the volunteers might go into health-care to help those who cannot afford any or employment protection to make sure everyone can have a job.
Community service is a way that can enhance high school student’s portfolios, giving a competitive advantage. College admissions into prestigious universities are highly competitive with GPA and SAT/ACT scores nearing perfection. Community service is an alternative as college admission officers see a better rounded individual not only interested in academics. A student with a high GPA and good...

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