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Should High School Students Be Required To Study A Foreign Language?

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The U.S. Department of Education are debating whether or not taking a foreign language should be a requirement to graduate in all high schools. I believe that right now some high schools make it a mandatory to pass a foreign language class while others make it optional. I think high school students should not be required to study a foreign language because it should be a personal choice, and everybody cannot learn a foreign language.
When I was in high school I was given an alternative to either take a foreign language class or an advanced technology class to graduate. I was so happy I had a choice because I struggled in Spanish in middle school and knew other languages would be hard to. Instead of taking a foreign language class in high school I took a computer class called visual basic. I chose take an advanced technology course because I was interested in computers and wanted to major in Computer Information Systems in college.
I think taking a foreign language in high school should be a personal choice. If you plan to travel the world and have a lot of people in your neighborhood speak a foreign language it is highly recommended you take the class. My friends in high school told me the reason they chose to take a foreign language class is because they didn’t want to study technology in college and wanted to know a second language. Also if you decide to not take an advanced technology course you only have one other alternative, a foreign language. I think you cannot force people to do anything and that’s why a foreign language is optional instead of mandatory. You can always take a foreign language class in college if you didn’t take it in high school. Taking a foreign language has it benefits but should not be a requirement to graduate high school.
People would say that taking a foreign language should not be a personal choice because learning a foreign language is important and teenagers don’t know how beneficial it is to learn it. If teenagers had their choice they would only take classes that would be beneficial to them as to what they want to study in college. Teachers know in the real world you are going to meet many different people who may speak different languages so you want to be able to understand one of those languages. Teachers would say English is not a universal language so you should try to learn at least one...

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