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Should High School Students Join The Military?

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Less than one percent of all Americans are enlisted in the military. An even smaller percentage of high school students are enlisted in the military. Students are thought to be incompetent, and not mature enough to decide on enlisting in the military. However, students should be allowed to join the military. The military offers many benefits students can use to help their future. The protection of our country is not overlooked for recruits; they are awarded many personal benefits as well. Tuition assistance, job training, and many benefits that help prepare recruits for occupations while enlisted. Not only are students getting great benefits, but they are also in a small group of professional workers.
High School Students should be allowed to join the military, because it is a way to pay for college expenses. College is expensive. The military has many programs to help pay for all different kinds of college expenses (Kingsbury). The first is going to college after active duty. This means the individual has to serve a certain number of years before he can retire and go to college. The average number of years is four, during which he will still receive education and training (Yuengling). The post 9/11 GI bill help pays for tuition, room and board, and gives a food allowance each month. Another benefit of the bill is that if it is unused, the children of the individual can share the money from the bill (Sander). This would relieve many worries about paying for the children’s college. The individual must stay in the military for a certain number of years before he may choose to do so. The individual may also share the GI bill with a significant other, after a certain number of years. Since the beginning of the bill, over 3,000 institutions have accepted applicants for the GI bill. The increase in applicants has reached 12 percent and is still growing (Reynolds). ROTC programs are also helpful in college tuition. There are scholarships and courses that help an individual prepare to be an officer in the military. Typically the programs are their own courses and take at least four years to complete. After the courses are completed, the individual goes straight to the military for the branch, as an officer, he enrolled in. He also are given many different allowances. The allowances given are usually a housing allowance and a food allowance, depending on the region the individual is attending college. He also gets his tuition paid for, as well as money for books and monthly spending allowance (Yuengling). Worrying about college can be avoided from joining the military. The military even pays for children of veterans and active duty soldiers. Through the military an individual may be relieved, because of all the educational benefits provided for him. The military can help fuel the future of any soldier who wants the benefits.
Education is not the only benefit that comes from service in the military. When many people first join, they are assigned MOSs....

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