Should Homosexuality Be Declared Illegal Around The World?

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Legality of Homosexuality
Homosexuality is a form of sexuality in which the one gender is sexually or physically attracted toward another person of the same gender. Some people argue that homosexuality should be made illegal; others disagree, and want it to be a legal practice. Practicing homosexuality can lead to many health issues. Homosexuality is slowly starting to become illegal in many countries around the world because the governments are realizing many health issues lie within homosexuality. Should homosexuality be made illegal across the world, concerning the health of mankind?
The practice of homosexuality is a threat to general health. Cancer and sexually transmitted diseases can disrupt good health. Research and screening has shown that men who are gay are more likely to contract AIDS. AIDS is one of the final stages of HIV, which is a sexually transmitted disease. According to Ashraf, “men having sex with men (MSM) are at the higher risk of getting infected by AIDS because anal sex is not a safe sex practice and the people who are involved in the practice of homosexuality are more vulnerable than any other group to get infected by this deadly disease” (16). He proves that anal sex is not safe and can cause AIDS. A common way of intercourse for gay men is anal sex, meaning that they are more likely to contract AIDS. He also mentions the number of reported AIDS cases in the United States that involve men who have sex with men have 355,409 cases or 46%. Almost half of the cases of AIDS come from men who are homosexual. This statistic supports the statement that men who participate in same sex practices, are more likely to get infected by AIDS. As of now, there is no cure for AIDS, so when someone contracts AIDS they will most likely be severely ill or they will die.
Some people may argue that AIDS in homosexuality can be avoided by safe sex. Although this may partially true, anal sex is an unsafe sexual practice. Also, the use of condoms is ineffective when practicing anal sex. Condoms are advertised to help protect against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV or AIDS. However, this is not a consistent answer; many things can go wrong with the condom, such as tearing during intercourse, or it may have a manufacturing defect. In Jin’s research, it is shown that men who are unaware of the consequences of HIV or AIDS are less likely to use condoms. On the other hand, men who may be aware of the diseases will use condoms, but not consistently (np). They could become infected with HIV or AIDS when they do not properly use condoms as intended. After they had conducted tests, results showed that the men who are homosexual and had HIV practiced potentially risky behaviors when in intercourse, such as forgetting to wear a condom. Those who were HIV negative practiced safer habits.
Popular media, such as television and music, have started to contain homosexual references. Although they may not be directly promoting homosexuality,...

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